Your success is always our goal.

We magic up solutions, but we’re not flash in the pan. Avalon is proudly locally owned and operated company with a solid manufacturing and distribution background. When he founded the company way back when, Ray Wilson set out four principles.

  1. listen to your customer
  2. deliver what your customer asked for
  3. do what you say you are going to
  4. work hard for you customer

These are just as true today as they were then. We’re always mindful that it’s your brand we’re dealing with. Whatever product we source, it has got to be creatively interesting and fit your brand personality.

To achieve that we’ve put together an awesome team. We’re a friendly bunch but also hard working and determined. We’re committed to making your product promotion a success by following through on every small detail. You want a creative product promotion solution and we do that by keeping our minds and eyes open. We’re always on the look out for new and interesting products that we can bring to our client’s attention.

Where we’re based

Our main office is in Auckland, New Zealand but we have an extensive range of contacts both nationally and internationally, people that have been tried and trusted to deliver quality products to strict guidelines. We know it’s details that matter - often the small things have a huge impact with your consumers.

We’ve been sourcing products for a long time now, so we’ve got systems in place to smooth the whole process, so everyone’s happy with the end result. We’ve also got our ear to the ground tracking trends, so when we find something new and interesting, you’re the first to know.