About Us

Your success is always our goal.

Our Story

We magic up solutions, but we’re not flash in the pan. Avalon is proudly locally owned and operated with a solid manufacturing and distribution background. When Ray Wilson founded the company way back when, he set out four principles.

  • Listen to your customer
  • Deliver what your customer asked for
  • Do what you say you are going to
  • Work hard for your customer

These are just as true today as they were then. We are always mindful that it’s your brand we’re dealing with. Whatever product we source, it has got to be creatively interesting and suit your brand personality. 

To achieve that we’ve put together an awesome team. We’re a friendly bunch, but also hardworking and determined. We’re committed to making your product promotion a success, by following through on every small detail. You want a creative promotional product solution, and we do that by keeping our minds and eyes open. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting products that we can bring to our client’s attention.

Where we’re based

Our main office is in Auckland, New Zealand but we have an extensive range of contacts both nationally and internationally, people that have been tried and trusted to deliver quality products to strict guidelines. We know it is the details that matter – often the small things have a huge impact with your consumers.

We’ve been sourcing products for a long time now, so we’ve got systems in place to smooth the whole process, so everyone’s happy with the end result. We’ve also got our ear to the ground, tracking trends, so when we find something new and interesting, you’re the first to know.

Enhance your brand value

Avalon enhances your brand value through premium quality, tailor-made products that grab the attention and loyalty of your target market. Our focus is bringing your memorable product to life to grow your product sales and customer loyalty.

Supercharge your business with products that engage your customer and showcase your brand. We believe in offering personalized service so you can rest easy knowing your product will be exactly as you imagined.

We can build something exceptional together, let’s turn your ideas into reality and grow your business.

Meet our team


Jeannette is a master of bringing product to life. An amazing mixture of creativity, organisation, and sheer determination, Jeannette makes things happen.

With over 20 years experience in creating products and purchasing at Avalon, she knows where to go, what to avoid, and how to make your product come to life.


Grahame works smart, to ensure a smooth operation. Wearing many hats and understanding every detail of the business, Grahame’s speciality is to refine processes so that every step is handled in the most efficient way.

Everything from production to delivery is streamlined to get you results you want.

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Hard work and persistence are the simple formula Dave uses to get the right product for his customers. By truly listening to you, Dave can help provide the answers to get your project over the line just as you imagined it. You can trust that Dave is working to get the best result for your project, because he knows that when you win, we win. Dave says his job is to make your life easier.
Call Dave to discuss your great idea now on 021 918 644.

We make you look good.
Leverage our years of experience to get fantastic product simply and easily.

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