Private Label

Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Private Label

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Your custom branded products delivered to your door.


  • Save cost by substituting local  product with imported goods
  • Promote your own brand rather than someone elses
  • Find components for your finished goods.
  • Deal with a local supplier who listens to what you want
  • Make your product exclusive in the marketplace by improving on product features or packaging.

Realize Your Vision

Create a product that will impress your customers and let us handle the details. Replace an existing product with one showcasing your brand. Bring a fresh new idea to life with your branding, packaging and unique product. We are here to help you get it made to the standard you need and delivered to your door. 

Enhance your brand value

Avalon enhances your brand value through premium quality, tailor-made products that grab the attention and loyalty of your target market. Our focus is bringing your memorable product to life to grow your product sales and customer loyalty.

Supercharge your business with products that engage your customer and showcase your brand. We believe in offering personalized service so you can rest easy knowing your product will be exactly as you imagined.

We can build something exceptional together, let’s turn your ideas into reality and grow your business.

We make you look good.
Leverage our years of experience to get fantastic product simply and easily.

Mail & Delivery

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