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Concern about plastic pollution, singe use products and disposable packaging has become a hot topic that shows no signs of slowing. Consumers are eager to move with the times and this can pose a potential PR crisis for brands that don’t keep up. Avalon Promo has worked with a number of brands to bring eco-friendly promotional products to life as well as offer packaging options for eco-conscious customers. Find out more about how we can work together to explore innovative avenues for your company.
Create unique products that fit your brand and appeal to your customers. We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. We work with companies to deliver creative products that make sense for their individual brand. Stand out from the competition by owning what makes your brand different and back that up with products that embody that difference. We offer creative solutions that make you stand out and be recognised. Discover how we worked with this brand to deliver private label goods that are helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace.
After looking for giveaway promotional products that fit with their brand message, this company was delighted to find a range of eco-friendly products that appealed to their target market, their timeline and their budget. They were able to create a number of giveaways that appealed to their target market of eco-conscious consumers and parents.
Christmas is a popular time for companies to do giveaways so it’s important to choose the right product to stand out amongst the crowd. At Avalon Promo we keep our finger on the pulse of latest trends so you can offer your customers or employees Christmas promotional gifts which will inspire and delight. Talk to us now to find out how we could find the perfect gift for your team.
Tech continues to be a favourite for consumers and Avalon Promo has the right experience and contacts to deliver high-quality technology promotional products. We believe that partnering with the right suppliers for the right jobs makes all the difference. From USBs and power banks to award winning tech compatible toys, Avalon Promo has delivered.

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