Eeny Meeny 


Eeny Meeny invests a lot of energy to stand out as a school supplies provider in a crowded market place. With their fun and creative branding, they definitely hit the mark but they wanted to take it a step further and become the household name in school supplies.
To help bring some of that fun and energy to life, Avalon Promo was able to deliver some life size mascot costumes of their brand characters. Eeny Meeny has used these in promotions and visited schools to WOW the kids and raise brand awareness – they LOVE them!
As stockists of a wide range of goods, Eeny Meeny realised they could be selling everyday product with their branding . Avalon promo was able to source these private label items to a high standard and manufacture with the distinctive Eeny Meeny branding. Avalon continue to not only source what they are looking for but regularly present creative ideas of items that they feel would fit the brand.



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